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Quercus trojana | Davis

In the first photo of Quercus trojana, dry grass can be noted surrounding the tree, though it is clearly summer in the photo. Here we see another photo of our purported Q. trojana, this time surrounded by turf. For decades, the Shields Grove featured a large, central lawn, which extended up to the oak shown here. Sometime around 2010, UC Davis decided to cease watering the lawn, and remove it. In the years that followed, clear signs of stress became visible in many, but not all, of the oaks surrounding the lawn. This is little surprise, as the negatively-effected oaks come from areas with substantial summer rainfall. Interestingly, the purported Quercus trojana continued on as if nothing had changed. This kind of versatility is the sign of a tree more likely than most to survive the variability that climate is, and will, bestow on ecosystems around the globe. 

Dave Muffly