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Quercus virginiana | Stanford

With Coast Live Oak (Quercus agrifolia) being the most common native evergreen oak, and the most common native tree, period, the advent of lawns created an interesting ecological experiment. With the native oaks adapted to between 10 and 20 of rainfall per year, and with ninety-plus percent of that moisture occurring between November and March, warm season moisture was rare. But then lawns were added to surviving native Coast Live Oaks. They reacted with a variety of root diseases, and typically didn't survive more than a decade before succumbing, typically to Armillaria mellea, the Oak root fungus. Stanford saw the loss of hundreds of native Coast Live Oaks over the decades, and an alternative was sought, and found. Southern Live Oak loves lawns, and, to most people, appears very similar to Coast Live Oak. 


Dave Muffly