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Oak Hybridization At The University of Utah

For a moment, we return to the book Oak Hybridization at the University of Utah, which includes the table shown here. Along the top of the table are listed the female parents of hybrids created in Cottam's labs, with the male parent listed along the side. The female trees were, and hopefully still are, trees growing on the at the University. The male parent often derived from blooming branches shipped direct to the University of Utah by cooperators in other locations, but especially from the University of California, Davis. Looking at the far right, we see a potential source for the enigmatic oak described in the previous entry. It appears UC Davis personnel shipped Dr. Cottam's lab some live pollen of California Blue Oak, (Q. douglasii), and a successful seedling is recorded here. But the note at the bottom tells the critical part of the story. The record of the seedling was lost. Perhaps someone came from UC Davis to take back promising seedlings for use in the Shields Oak Grove, and no record was kept of the transfer?

Dave Muffly