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((Q. macrocarpa x robur) x lobata) x lobata

Another “broad-shouldered” oak, this time growing outside Valley Spring, California, at the former Calaveras Nursery. The history of this tree is quite interesting. Visiting the grounds to the Sacramento Zoo, several old and exotic oaks can be found. Close inspection of these trees suggests, yet again, a hybrid origin, this time the Zoo trees appear to be Q. macrocarpa x robur, with Q. robur being the famous and widely adaptable English Oak. This identification was made on the basis of the acorns featuring a peduncle, or short stalk connecting the acorn cup to the parent twig. Leaf shape confirms this tentative identification. Growing near these oaks is at least one old, large Valley Oak. Mick Stockard from Calaveras Nursery picked acorns from the Zoo hybrid tree, and this tree is the result, having grown 60 feet tall in roughly 20 years. 

Dave Muffly