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Quercus macrocarpa | Stanford

In the group of unusual oaks growing at Stanford University, near Frost Amphitheater, there are two Q. macrocarpa, apparently planted in the late 1800’s, along with the rest of the Stanford Arboretum. These two trees apparently grew under dry native conditions for more than a century, with an irrigated landscape being added to the area in the last few decades. Here you can see a fall leaf from one of the trees. The central sinus is present, but much less dramatic in this example. Stanford records indicate that these trees were sourced from New York, near the northern end of Bur Oak range. Bur Oaks get smaller in stature as you move north through their range, as can be expected, since the growing season shortens notably in New York by comparison to Texas, the southerly extent of the range. Q. macrocarpa from southern Texas are featured in the central lawn at the Shields Grove in Davis, giving examples of the two extremes of Bur Oak range, viewable in California.


Dave Muffly