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Quercus castaneifolia x cerris | Davis

These are the Shields Q. castaneifolia in winter, showing off their incredible structure. Their mother, of a similar size, didn’t lose a limb in the 1987 hurricane that devastated Kew Gardens, toppling many of the trees. But Mom didn’t lose a limb. These are trees of incredible power and persistence. UC Davis hosted a group of European tree experts in the early 2000’s, and they helped clarify the real genetic history of these trees. Q. cerris, the Turkey Oak, grows in Kew Gardens, not far from the Q. castaneifolia. Turns out the Davis trees, if one were to be scientifically correct, are actually hybrids, as so many oaks turn out to be. The Shields trees are Quercus castaneifolia x cerris, technically. 

Dave Muffly