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Quercus engelmanii x castaneifolia | East Palo Alto

When growing Engelman Oak from native stand acorns, there will be a range of growth habits displayed by the trees that range from somewhat pendulous to somewhat upright. Here you can see the whole tree view of the tree from the previous image. This growth habit has been achieved with minimal pruning, and would be classed as an upright growth habit, which is rare or non-existent in native Engelman Oak genetics. Give the powerfully upright growth of the proposed paternal parent, Q. castaneifolia, the growth habit shown supports a hybrid identification. The urban utility of this growth habit is also quite evident from this photo. A typical round-headed tree is one which needs large amounts of pruning over its lifespan than a more upright tree. This excessive pruning has huge long term budget implication for municipalities. 

Dave Muffly